Bujinkan New York Dojo
L e a r n.  P r a c t i c e.  E v o l v e.

Ninpo Ikkan

Spirit of perseverance. Experience your life as if each moment may lead to the treasure of enlightenment.

Kami hito e

Thinness of a single piece of paper. To be on the edge of the opponent's attack so it will evaporate to nothing.

Sen. Nagare. Kukan.

Encounter initiative. Flowing motion. Spatial relationship. These are lessons we research in every class.

Banpen Fugyo

10,000 changes, no surprises. Be able to adapt to the ever changing path of nature.

Kentai Ichijo

The body and fist (weapon) as one. Strive to release all tension while moving the body as a flowing unit.


Welcome to the Bujinkan New York Dojo (BNYD) website. We are one of New York State's oldest Bujinkan schools offering lessons in the ancient samurai and ninja martial arts. Affiliated with the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo in Japan since the early 1980s, our training focuses on traditional lessons and their modern applications.

All students work together during our classes to challenge their potentials while learning various martial art skills and principles. We train in a supportive environemnt with students who travel from all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to share our training! You are encouraged to join today!

Ninja & Samurai arts


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Our Sensei began training in the ninja arts in 1983.

Friendly Environment


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Instruction is provided in a positive, friendly environment.

Personal Growth


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We emphasize personal growth rather than sports competition.

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May & June 2014.

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